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 these troubled waters, TAG: JON | 2C
 direct link • Aug 29 2017, 03:18 pm
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Daenerys stood upon the ship's deck, her gaze set on the horizon between the overcast sky and the churning sea beneath it. The wind blew strong as it flew through her hair and billowed across the light fabric of her dress. Her expression was entirely blank, betraying nothing of the overwhelming feelings that flooded through her. Only her eyes hinted at the torrent within, as they burned with resolve, hope, and apprehension. Things were finally starting to change --- they were finally moving forward. Being caged in hiding had filled her with a restlessnes for which she had found no release. Not until now. The sea soothed her with its untamed, relentless force. A freedom she longed to someday claim for herself.

A small, high-pitched squeal escaped the child in her arms and Daenerys glanced down with a slight smile at Joanna, who was clinging to her as her eyes watched the motion of the water. Her small gaze was filled with wonder at all the new sensations of the world and Daenerys found herself envying it. Such wonder was so fleeting, but she was determined to preserve it within the eyes of her daughter for as long as she was able.

Joanna gave a little wriggle and Daenerys clung to her a bit tighter, though she was pleased her daughter was so spirited. It was a spirit which would, hopefully, remain unbroken by the world. She personally intended to do all in her power to make sure of it. Along with her family, she would strive to make the world a better place. No more games or chains or broken trust. For their children, they would bring light, peace, and liberation. They would restore the brilliance of days long passed.

The wind gusted a bit more fiercely, misting salt and seaspray over them. Joanna buried her face against her chest and Daenerys turned from the sight of the sea, lifting a protective hand over the child's head. When she lifted her eyes to absently observe the crew members milling about the deck, she caught sight of Jon across the ship among them. He seemed to be lost in thought and she considered leaving him to it --- fully understanding the occasional need for solitude --- before deciding against it. She didn't believe he would mind the company and she found she might enjoy a bit of conversation.

She carefully moved across the wooden planks of the swaying ship, Joanna's eyes growing heavy under the influence of the rocking sea and warmth of her mother's chest. Daenerys smiled warmly as she approached Jon, though it waivered a little when she noticed he wasn't simply lost in thought --- his expression appearing troubled upon closer inspection.

"I'm not surprised to find you wandering out here," Daenerys voiced, falling in step beside him. She arched a brow. "I hope you don't mind me joining you." She kept her tone light for the moment, watching his face closely.

JON TARGARYEN | rapid fire
 direct link • Sep 01 2017, 11:35 am
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This time, it was different. As he looked towards the empty horizon, he recalled their hasty retreat from King's Landing; that escape that tore the family apart, that left those that were left of them with no time to process what had happened on land. Lyanna had been torn away from them in a most violent manner, and Jon had no proof of this; only Ryon's word, his good-father's assurance, that there was nothing more to do. No more breath to beckon from the She-Wolf's weakened lungs, nor words to draw from gentle lips that tasted their father's eternal devotion, and that knew not to shudder in the face of an enemy as detestable as he who had once courted her.

Jon bit pursed his lips as he thought of the dimming lights of King's Landing, the home they had left behind, and for what? An army, he reminded himself as heis eyes caught sight of his aunt, lingering at the corner of his field of vision. He acknowledged her with a polite nod before retreating back into his thoughts, fighting off the venomous beliefs that had tainted his resolve, latched onto his mind and kept him dauntingly cornered. Finally he felt like he was overcoming this. Perhaps because he was finally on his way to Volantis, where his sisters were waiting; perhaps because someone had believed in their cause as to pledge an army. But Harras he still regarded with suspicion, and Jon's own motives were under constant revision.

As natural as marriage arrangements may have been to older monarchs, Jon had never felt comfortable trading the hand of his most beloved sibling for an army of Ironborn savages. It troubled him. He wanted her close. He wanted to make sure Harras treated her right. He wanted everything to be okay. But how?

His attention was once again captured by Daenerys as she neared. He offered a polite smirk and a nod, licking his lips before addressing her. "It's hot in the cabin. And it smells of direwolf," Jon stated with a shrug. Ghost had a hard time with the warmer temperatures that plagued these regions. He couldn't shed his fur the way Jon had shed his, exchanging the heavier coats, vests and brocades for lighter shirts lacking ornamentation; baggy pants tucked into unpolished leather boots, and his characteristic mop of dark locks tied back in a greasy bun. He did not look like the glamorous king he had at one point of his life imagined himself becoming. He had become more humble. He had finally felt comfortable just being Jon. He turned to Daenerys and looked at Joanna, smiling. He still did not know how his daughter would feel in his arms. "Not at all," he stated with a nod before raising his hand to grasp the baby girl's tiny fingers in his. "Has she let you sleep lately?"

 direct link • Jan 03 2018, 11:28 pm
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