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 direct link • Apr 05 2017, 04:21 pm
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activity requirements

A growing site means that we need to keep our timeline moving so that plots do not get stagnant. While we’ve always tried to be understanding of absences, at some point we have to stand firm and hold our ground. After a long discussion open to all members of the ACTA community, the staff here at A Call to Arms has decided that it is time to revise our activity rules, particularly regarding canon characters. The following rules apply to canon characters from GREAT HOUSES, as well as members of the small council for each kingdom. There are different expectations for major and minor members of Great Houses, and “minor” members will be indicated on the canon list with an asterisk (*). Minor canons who are NOT members of/wed into great houses, as well as original character from minor canon houses will be subject to the same rules as always (be active for the Activity Check or do one new post during the week of the AC).

1. “Major” Great House Canons will be required to post either once per WEEK or six times per MONTH. We understand that sometimes people have particularly busy weeks, but our present members also cited frequency and quantity as being important for canon characters. This can change from month to month (ie one post a week in march and six posts in the month of april, regardless of when posted). “Quality” of post (ie. RF posts and letters) will not be taken into consideration, as most members felt that frequent RF posts or letters could help to move a plot along just as well as longer posts. - Reminder: these are PER canon character. Additionally, dead canon characters to not have activity requirements, as any posts with them are in the past and do not contribute to movement of the site plot.

2. Because Major canons are also important to the site plot, we strongly recommend that not all posts are with the same player/character (To use my own as an example - that not all Margaery posts are with Alistair). This is not required, particularly as we recognize that travel and the opening of new areas (Essos) may complicate someone ability to post with a variety of players. However if multiple months pass with little or no variation it may be addressed with players on a case by case basis.

3. “Minor” Great House Canons consist of cousins and extended family (ie. the Lancels and Tyreks of the world), as well as small council members for each kingdom (hands of the Kings, Masters of Whispers, etc). These characters are not held to the same standard as “Major” canons, but should still be more active than OCs, as council members in particular are needed to carry out political machinations. Thus, “Minor” Canons will be required to have three posts a month, though more are encouraged. This do not need to be done weekly, simply at any point during the month.

4. All other characters, including canons from minor houses and original characters, will be required to post at least once a month, though obviously more is encouraged. If you are taking a wanted ad, please be cognizant of the requestors activity and what they might desire from you as their wanted character.

5. Activity Checks will take place the 1st through the 5th of every month, to check activity for the previous month. During that time you will be asked to post links to threads showcasing the above requirements that took place during the month prior. Posts made during the week of the Activity Check will not count, but rather will apply to the next month’s AC, as they will take place after the first of the month. For those opting for six posts a month rather than one a week - At least one post should have been made during the week prior to the AC. Everyone will need to post in the AC thread claiming their characters based on the above activity requirements.

6. PLAYERS OF MAJOR CANONS: We have been lenient about absences in the past, and this has been abused. However, we do not wish to penalize members who are having a bad month/couple of weeks. You will be allowed to excuse yourself from an AC once every three months with the use of an absence. The absence must have been posted prior to the start of the AC, as AC’s will check activity for the prior month. After using an absence to excuse yourself, you must have two “good” months of activity before you can use an absence again. If you anticipate your absence will extend beyond a month, please contact the staff through use of the Many-Faced God (MFG) account to discuss options. Again, we do not wish to penalize active members having a “bad” month, but with such a large site we have to find a balance that is best for everyone. If you do not have an absence posted prior to the activity check, your character will be considered inactive and rule seven will apply.

7. If your activity/absence use does not meet the above requirements: You will be contacted about dropping one character. If you play four canon characters and all are behind one month, our goal is not to take them all away but to alleviate some pressure so that the remaining three can be made active. If activity continues to be an issue in the following months we will revisit as needed.

8. If you have had a canon taken away for inactivity: You must have two months of “good” activity before you will be allowed to apply for another canon character. You may, of course, trade canon characters for minor/OC characters if that “new character itch” seriously needs to be scratched.

If you have any questions about the activity requirements of your characters, do not hesitate to send a PM to the MFG account. Please PM this account and tag in the tagbox before contacting an admin via instant messenger, as use of this account helps us keep matters transparent within the admin team.

**THESE RULES GO INTO EFFECT APRIL 2017, FOR THE ACTIVITY CHECK TO TAKE PLACE MAY 1-5. Posts made during the month of April for the April Activity Check may count toward your 1/week or 6/month for April. **
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