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 Let it Begin, Queen to High Princess
 direct link • Jun 18 2017, 08:33 am
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Princess Daenerys of House Targaryen,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health.

I am sure it is unusual that you find a letter from one with the salt of the seas within her veins, but know, Princess, that there is much to be learned in this letter if one looks closely.
There are those who seek to destroy the dragons and those who seek to wield them as weapons. My father's brother is one of the latter. Be aware.

I think we have much in common. I have a brother that would be king and you a nephew who could be high king. If only they started to think on a broader scale and less about their cocks.
There is more support for your nephew, and you, than support for my brother yet. There are rumblings of dissent in those who have been ousted.

I am of the hope that you would see the value of this letter, and that we might begin corresponding through safe means.
The women who carry this letter are trusted by me with everything, but it is not their eyes that must not see things. Neither of us can trust too many others now.

Perhaps you would find a warm welcome on Pyke should you wish a visit.

Queen of the Iron Islands,
Asha Greyjoy
 direct link • Jul 02 2017, 03:26 pm
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Time after time Dany read the letter that the Ironborn woman had given her. Even now, the two waited on her response to take back to their Queen, and Dany begged them to make themselves comfortable while she labored over the right words. Despite the letter being hand delivered by those that she trusted, Dany found relief in the caution that the Queen displayed by guarding her words. If not for the teachings and careful discussions that Dany had shared with Varys the Spider, she might have missed some of the hidden messages.

Finding the hidden ink herself hadn’t been too hard. A couple of quick words to her new allies, and she was ready to start drafting the letter to the Queen. Her hands shook with nervous excitement, and she had to take steadied slow breaths. This was it. This was how they would take back their home, with allies that her brother or her nephew had not thought to reach to before. She would be of help, and she started now.

Queen Asha Greyjoy of the Iron Isles,

I must admit, Queen Greyjoy, upon seeing your guests where I thought that I was otherwise unknown to be except by a few, I worried at first. However, considering the contents of your letter, I have decided that it might be best suited to be cautiously optimistic. The women that you have sent with your words have proven to be at least loyal servants to you thus far, but I hope you understand a healthy bit of… reservedness from myself for the time being.

The warning of your Uncle however is one that I appreciate, and goes a long way I believe of speaking to your intentions. I have made those that are near me aware of such threats, and I feel a bit better knowing that we are at least aware of those that would seek the dragons as weapons- we will make sure that they become all too aware soon that we are not any man’s weapon to wield

It seems to be a running theme with men that perhaps more would do good to learn from, however, as women we are both aware that we might not live to see the changes. Hopefully, your reign begins to show at least a change in the Iron Isles to a future that might be kinder to those of our gender, though, I must admit I would feel better seeing it with mine own eyes before trusting it.

My annulled husband spoke more openly of things then I find myself caring for, I am glad to see caution used. I thank you for your words of warning, and I will have you know that they are appreciated, and go a ways towards hopefully building for a better future.

At least for the time being, unfortunately Pyke will have to remain a destination that is just out of reach, however, I look forward to seeing the changes someday that you have made to the Iron Isles. Should you decide to cross the Narrow Sea and find yourself in the area, I will gladly share with you the pleasantries I have come to know here. I’m sure there is much we would have to discuss.

Until such a time, Queen Greyjoy- What is dead may never die.

Princess Daenerys
of House Targaryen

 direct link • Jul 21 2017, 07:25 pm
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