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 A moment of peace and quiet, NICLAS | SECOND CRONE
 direct link • Aug 05 2017, 03:07 pm
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It was still rather early in the morning, but Ariana was wide awake. Yesterday was the day that Jasper had married Emmelyne and most people were still sleeping last nights party off. For Ariana, it had been an evening of socialising and meeting all the right people. She liked people and she loved meeting them and hearing their stories - but she wasn't too keen about people, who had too much wine. They forgot their courtesies and manners disappeared.

It hadn't been too bad, though, and she had had a fine time. Maybe it was because almost everybody knew the Waynwoods were close with Jasper Arryn. She never drank much at those parties which was why she was up so early. The sun was up and it seemed like people were slowly rising, so Ariana made her way outside for a stroll in the gardens. She needed some fresh air and soon the yards would be full of people.

Outside the wind caught her hair. It was still a bit wavy from the artistic braids from last night but now it just hung loosely down her back. Outside her simple dress, she wore a cape in the family's green colour to keep her warm in the chilly morning. After walking a little while, she found a bench where she sat down. She could feel her feet were still sore from the dancing that took place last night. Though it hadn't been much, her shoes were new and given her a blister or five.

 direct link • Aug 31 2017, 01:17 pm
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