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 ELESHAM, Cassana, 16 | Ellie Bamber
 direct link • Jun 16 2017, 06:15 pm
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Cassana Elesham
Lady of The Paps
sworn to house dayne
the paps
16 | unwed
little shadowcat

You were born to a proper lady and lord, a third child who would have enough siblings. You may have born to nobility but nobility did not become you. You heard stories, your father laughing while recalling them and your mother stern of them, about how you hated to wear the clothing you would be dressed in by your nursemaids and how you often attempted to remove your clothing from your body to prove a point or even rolling in the dirt to make your point. You drove those who would watch you mad, though others simply laughed and realized that there was something in you that could not be tamed. Your red hair marked you from the moment it grew in as the wild child your actions showed.

Your mother attempted to instill manners in your, but you would always rather spend time with your older brother. In truth, your brother was a half-brother, born to a woman your father had been married to previously, one died in childbirth. Your mother hated your half-brother and she hated that he was your father’s heir. It was almost as though you rubbed salt in the wound of his existence when you chose to spend time with him over your mother and older sister. Your mother wished for you and your eldest sister to learn how to be proper ladies, mostly so she could sell you off to off to other lords for her own gain. And she always told you no man would wish to marry a girl with dirt under nails who wore clothing suitable for smallfolk but not for ladies.

As time grew, how much of an outcast you were only sunk in more. Your eldest sister mocked you for choosing to spend time with your brother and his friends over her and your new younger sister. See your mother had given birth to another baby girl and the three of you were expected to be perfect little ladies. Both of your sisters were up to the task, while you were clearly not. You would rather practice with a bow and arrow or run and play games in the field with the boys. You had messy penmanship and were clumsy with a needle and thread, anything you attempted to sew crooked and horrible, as the septas would inform you.

Your mother gave birth to a baby boy when you were ten and it was clear to you at that moment your mother wished your brother dead more than ever, now that she had birthed a son who could be heir. She had never been overly fond of your father, their marriage hardly even companionship and certainly not love. You took her hatred to mean you should spend even more time with your brother and father when he was available and the schism in your house was quite apparent. Your father, your brother and you were a team against your mother and two sisters. Though it was less a team ordeal and more of a game of who could bend you to their will. Your mother wanted you to be a pretty and proper lady and your dad wished for you to be who you wanted to be. He allowed you to study more boyish things, such as archery, and you felt you could be free with him.

Of course, nothing good can ever truly last. Your father passed away. It was an accident, though you think your mother may have helped the accident happen. Nonetheless, there was no proof and you mourned the loss of your father for it cut deeply. Your brother became the Lord of the Paps and your mother fought him at every turn. Your brother wanted you to be able to continue the things you had started with your father, but your mother would insist you learn womanly things, things a lady must know if she were to run a successful house.

It was all so stupid, was all you could ever think. You would never be able to sew and you did not wish to be able to write nicely. You could read and you could think, surely that was enough. Then again, you learned quickly that many did not like for their women to think. You soon realized you did not wish to be someone’s woman. You wished to be yourself, to be Cass, to be able to be free and happy. You realized your mother certainly did plan to give you away the first chance she got with little care as to who the male was. If he was old or cruel or anything else mattered little to your mother so long as she could get someone to take the mischievous little girl and so long as she got you married to someone with some power, who would benefit your house. Her efforts only seemed to double when she married your oldest sister off. Luckily you had your brother to try to protect you from such things, but you feared your mother would one day push a marriage through.

Practicing and playing with your brother is how he gave you your nickname. He had been telling you of the shadowcats in the Mountains of the Moon and you spoke of how you wished to see one. He told you how you reminded him of one, though a small one, one without teeth as he said. He was teasing you but you liked the idea of being able to be sly and sneaky and feared. Of course, no one really feared you. You were a girl who was small even for her age, but you thought you could be agile and sly just like a shadowcat might. You saw one at a later date, while traveling with your brother, and you realized how beautiful the creatures were. You did not think you would ever be able to be as beautiful as a shadowcat, but maybe you could move like one and run like one and play like one, as your brother had been teaching you.

You remember begging you brother Philip to bring you with him to the Gates of the Moon when he went for the celebration. You did not want to go to some frivolous affair, you’d have to wear a dress after all, but it would be better than being left alone at the Paps with your mother and sisters. When word arrived that Jasper Arryn had reclaimed his throne and murdered your brother in the process, you remember the smug smile that came to your mother’s lips as the tears filled your eyes. She would have a say now and her son would be the heir. Since he was only six, you knew it meant she would be in charge in his place, until he was of age. You knew she would quickly have you married off but nothing seemed to matter now that your brother was gone. He was basically your best friend, and you couldn’t believe you would never see him again.

Your mother sent word that she would swear fealty and you knew it was mostly because Jasper had rid her of a large problem in her mind. You swore you would never bend the knee to him for he stole your best friend from you. Your mother, upon hearing of the royal wedding, decided you would be going to Sisterton to see the wedding and bend the knee in person. She also sent to the Lady Emmelyne to ask if she would take you as a Lady in Waiting. Your mother claimed she had a grace and poise she wished you had and that you could learn from her. You did not understand how Emmelyne had agreed to marry such a man, but you had met the Sunderlands before and you liked the family well enough. Surely there were worse things than being told to be her lady.

Your mother promises you shall be wed just as quickly as can be, in whatever way might help your house and your kingdom. You know that really she wishes to marry you off to keep whatever shame you might bring her hidden, especially as you travel to Sisterton. You have sworn to not listen to her as often as possible, allowing your wild side free reign of everything. You know Sisterton is a pirate cove and you think you will be able to find some mischief in the town and you hope your mother will be too occupied to stop you. Surely you can ruin any marriage prospects she finds if you make yourself seem not fit enough to be someone’s wife. She may yell at you, but you can handle her yelling. She was happy when your father died and when your brother was slain while you deeply mourned each loss. You sometimes wish to see her cry as you once had, but you know you would settle for her allowing you to live as you wish, for her to stop trying to mold you into her vision of being ladylike. You have never fit that mold and you do not believe you truly ever will be considered extremely ladylike, but you have never brought yourself to care too terribly much about such things.
 direct link • Jun 19 2017, 07:24 pm
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