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 You Were Not Meant for Tragedy, Alysa | 291
 direct link • Jun 18 2017, 09:44 am
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We light the way. She did not think about the words of her birth house like this very often, and she was rarely reminded of them so nearly as she had been today. Her brother Baelor has written her a letter, commending their niece into her care. The Hightowers lost so many to the plague, her niece Alysa's parents being two of the most tragic. She thought that Denyse would take care of the little girl once she took her in. She knew she was grieving, even more so after the plague from her husband from her too. Alerie grieved as well, but she'd never neglected the children under her care. She thought her sister understood what it meant to be a family. Time had proven her wrong. Hardly any letter she received from her sister included some passing mention of her young niece, and when they did they rarely sounded like a loving aunt describing her young niece. What had the woman been thinking? Sending Alysa out to Oldtown would have been fine in any other situation, but during a plague?

Thank goodness Baelor had intervened after what happened in the Citadel. She still couldn't believe their sister hadn't known Alysa snuck in there so often. She applauded the girl's effort and eagerness to learn, and she didn't have problem with her niece learning the lessons the Citadel offered, but the maesters hadn't been pleased to find her in their little sanctuary. She didn't know what might have happened if Baelor hadn't said he'd handle her punishment himself.

Some punishment he'd chosen. Sending Alysa here to Highgarden? Baelor always was a bit of a softie when it came to his family. If the maesters thought she'd try to curb her niece's desire to learn traditionally male subjects, they were going senile. After all, she'd studied with her older brother when she was younger herself. Perhaps it was enough for them that Alysa would be out of Oldtown and out of their hair. If so, who was she to complain? She was more than happy to have her niece in Highgarden. It had been far too long since she'd seen her. She really should get away from Highgarden a little more. She smiled when she saw a carriage pulling closer, folding her hands in front of her and waiting for Highgarden's newest arrival.
 direct link • Jun 20 2017, 10:39 pm
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Alysa was in a mood. Well, that was hardly fair. She was not in a mood. A mood insinuated that the feelings were temporary, came and went on a whim. Her feelings, as they were, were here to stay. She stepped out of the carriage, letting her dress hang free carelessly, though that was a mistake for she almost tripped. There was a reason after all, Alysa determined, that proper people held up their skirts. Not that it truly was relevant. If she had a choice in the matter, she would be staying away from such gowns that were long and clingy and on her. Not to say they were not pretty, they might be, Alysa hardly had an eye for such, but they just... She could not bear them.

She looked forward, past the woman who had come to greet her, to the palace behind her. It seemed plenty nice. Not as pleasant as the Hightower or Citadel, but as she understood it, those locations were rather one of a kind. Highgarden though, was far more colorful than any piece of dusty Oldtown. Flowers seemed to sprout from every orifice. Alysa's eyes scrolled back to the woman, whose relation became clear. Her look was Hightower and regal, and she had come to greet her. Queen Alerie Tyrell. As the realization dawned, Alysa should have curtsied, but she merely tucked her head. "Your grace," She greeted, hoping that was indeed the right title. Those were so difficult. She was quite jealous of smallfolk who could call anyone who looked wealthy simply lord or lady. Graces and highnesses and such made it all far more confusing. Alysa raised her head again, her eye contact lacking for a moment before she remembered that piece, then becoming terribly intense, more a stare or glare than anything else. "I understand I am to do things for you. Is there anything you want me to do?"
 direct link • Aug 31 2017, 01:19 pm
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