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 Featured Wanteds
 direct link • Dec 13 2016, 08:07 pm
Him of Many Faces
valar morghulis
God of Death
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Once upon a time we did a random drawing from our members to put in the featured wanteds. now I'm too lazy for that, and i keep forgetting to update because life is busy. SO...

If you wanted a featured wanted in the pretty scrolling forum description, please post here! Each member maybe have ONE featured wanted at a time. You may change once a month if you like, unless a wanted has been taken, in which case please post again to have it switched. Images should be 60x60px.

NOTE: if you'd like that 60x60 image made, don't hesitate to ask Niki or post in the graphics thread.

The code is below, and please post in the [*code][/*code] brackets.

Green - Symond Botley
Riku - Tristan Ryger
Robin - Kurt Saltigar
Laur - Rowena Templeton
Nat - the Confidante

<a href="AD LINK HERE">
<img src="IMAGE HERE" width="60px;" title="NAME for CHARACTER"></a>
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