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 I Once Was Better Off, Second Crone | Tag: Ellaria/Oberyn
 direct link • Aug 04 2017, 08:21 pm
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a fun evening drink
for ellaria/oberyn
Dinner was past, as was the heat of the day. That was one thing that Trystane loved about his home in particular. The sun was hotter than anywhere else on the continent, burning any fair skin that dared to present itself. But when it fell, the coolness came in like a wave, refreshing and wondrous. Trystane watched as the sun fell, turning the sky shades of purple and pink and orange that reminded Trystane of fruits, natural and sweet and colorful. Pink fruits do not exist one might protest, but Trystane would counter with the inside of a grapefruit. He did not prefer grapefruits, but they were pink. Trystane smirked to himself, tipping back the chalice he had with him, and slouching back in his chair. He set the chalice back down on the table and turned his attention back to his surroundings.

He was taking his evening in company tonight, family of course. Little Sand Snakes were about, celebrating the fall of the sun with a game of tag or some such about the yard, while Trystane sat at table with their parents, his uncle Oberyn and his paramour Ellaria. In recent moons Trystane had made himself far more available to his family and friends, spending more time with them, less time with himself. It was all vague attempts to banish specters of his past, but he was sure that spending more time with his people was appreciated. Unless they thought he was just an annoyance. Also a possibility. One might think that time with Myrcella's family would hurt more, but really Trystane found it better. Like he was closer to her. That was dumb, a romantic idealist. It was the truth though. He should just forget her, move on. He couldn't of course, but he should. Besides, they were his blood too. He'd not cut them out of his life even if they made it more painful. Given everything, cutting any family out of the picture was out of the picture. The world would divide them if Trystane let it. He had no intention of doing so. "How bad do you think things are uncle?" Trystane suddenly voiced. "Or Ellaria, I don't mean to cut you out of the conversation. Both of you are more worldly than I. You've seen things that are bed before. What do you think of the state of Westeros? Bad? The worst?" The question was phrased oddly, but Trystane was sure his message got across.
 direct link • Jan 03 2018, 11:40 pm
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