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 Grandison, Hugh, OC | IAN MCELLAN | 73
 direct link • Aug 29 2017, 12:45 pm
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Hugh Grandison
Lord of the Grandveiw
sworn to House Barratheon
The Grandveiw/The Stormlands
73 | Widowed


Dark places are where monsters live, and Hugh was never one for the light anyway. Born To a man stubborn and ruthless Hugh was among 3 of the grandison brothers to grace the halls of the grandveiw. Each were trained as the idealistic lions of men. Hugh was raised under the roof his father gave him avoiding sending him away as a squire due to seeing weakness in other houses saying a lion may only learn from its own. And thus there he learned to be the man his father wanted him to be strong and mighty never fearing anything. But bravery and stupidity went to hand in hand, a reminder of this was when his father was beaten to death by his own banner men for his acts of violence over the years leading them to disdain the man. His brother by this time was old enough to take the lordship of the house and seemed to learn nothing from his fathers demise. He had the men who killed his father hunted brought before the three brothers pleading mercy, not realizing that their old lords sons were even more ruthless than he.

When war came Hugh had joined the frey. The war of nine penny kings, tension had erupted among the kingdoms when the blackfyre rebels and his golden company attempted to conquer westeros. His brother was one of the first to lay his sword forth in honor of the stormlands, and following suit Hugh too lay his sword forth. They met these men at the stepstones looking to stop their advance here once and for all. Whilst Harlan and his elder brother took to the land with the knights of the westerlands Hugh was one of the men aboard the fleet, captaining a ship alongside the iron born. He ended up with his ship colliding with one of the blackfyre rebels and the battle taking to their sinking decks. He himself not only killed Nine eyes but hung his corpse above the sails for all of his men to see, stripping him bare and cutting off his privates, a taunt to all who followed him ... and it worked. Hugh rejoined the ironborn on one of their longships and watched as most of the sails that belonged to the jolly fellows abandoned their comrades an act that would earn Hugh the title of a knight when the war ended.

Hugh took the reins as the Grandveiws Master-at-Arms position after his brother called on by the king for his service in the war of Ninepenny kings, the man took oaths and joined the kingsguard, that is as soon as 2 members were lost so that they could also induct the great Barristan Selmy. Hugh by this time was strong but his mind wandered, his ideals and intrigue never ceased. For this reason his brother sent him to Kingslanding granting him leave and asking a favor of an old friend within the alchemists guild. Hugh was inducted into their ranks serving them and learning from them for years rising from an apprentice all the way to a wisdom of the order, thus learning all the secrets he could of the substance and its creation, even learning a few skills that were rare even in his order. As a wisdom he took the name Vilus preferring to keep his involvement among them quiet as he could. He worked alongside his fellow alchemists under the dragon king obsessed with fire constantly making the substance. In this time however Hugh became even more cold and destructive even burning a man alive when he killed a child of one of Hughs compatriots, his mind was delving to the darkness.

His brother arranged a marriage of he and a girl of House Tudbury, a girl he proclaimed queen of love and beauty, a title shed hold onto until taken from her by the young Whent maiden years later. She was a good lady who seemed intent on becoming someone Hugh could love and seemed to truly love him despite their vast age difference and Hughs quite extensive history of bloodshed. And they did make it work, he even ended up falling for this girl, becoming a civil lion for her to tame. And their marriage bore Hugh a son, a son he named Lyos claiming that a lion was in the boy. His brother threw feasts and rejoiced for his new nephew the man himself was without child and wanted his brother nothing but a moment of happiness. a moment that lasted for awhile as he was soon also blessed with another child, a daughter.

His position as the Master at arms of the Grandveiw continued as he served his brother and kept his family growing. He sent Lyos off to squire for one lord Swygert. He had hoped that letting his child branch out and experience the world would allow him to grow up different to Hugh maybe even become a gentle soul. But truly lions blood flowed through them for even this didn't stop lyos from becoming strong and almost vicious like the rest of his family, at this time he tried to arrange for the marriage of his daughter to several suitable suitors but as she denied them all he couldn't continue to deny the idea that ... his children were to strong for him to just tame. By the time Harlan had died in his sleep his other brother was in an uproar of how Lyos should take Harlans spot not a lesser lion like the lannisters, Hugh just grunted at this thought knowing that Jamie Lannister could cut Lyos to pieces before he even pulled a sword. He began to teach his children how to fight and show true teeth of a lion mainly due to his wife's objections at the restrictions he threw on them, though it did hurt a little to watch his children walk a path that he couldn't control.

When the plague hit Hugh found Lyos coughing blood and for fear of his family he closed the doors to the Grandveiw, unfortunately it was already inside their home. While Hugh watched over his children fearing the worst to come, his brother died in his sleep. Hugh Buried the man outside the castle now the lord of the grandveiw and head of house Grandison he didn't know what to do. In the end days of the plague hed end up burying his wife right alongside his brother not saying a word for days. When he finally spoke it was words of disdain and once more the monster in him awoke. He made his ships ready and twist his words so carefully as he play on men making the stormlands fear and respect the word of the Greybeard Hugh Grandison

When Lyos betrothal to Lord Swygerts daughter was made he was happy for his son even happier when he bore a grandchild for the man but was all so fickle and the gods took his sons happiness away leaving Hugh sitting there knowing he had to watch his son go through hell and he could do nothing. He went into a fit of rage when Lyos announced his decision to leave to find himself, perhaps because he was losing an heir and his son, or perhaps because his son was losing himself. When his daughter declared to make herself the mountain lion and champion for Hugh he didn't know what to think his daughter was so rebellious he could never tame her, so he allowed it.

Now he gathers strength, recruiting mercenaries and hirelings, making alliances as he bids. For what? none truly know not even his daughter but one thing is certain ...the Greybeard is not to be forgotten and unaccounted for, even in his old age. Even as the iron throne struggles as Rhegar's demise sings out to the lands and Roberts rebellion won, he doesn't stop, why would he? this is a game after all and he plays it however he wishes, be it on the side of the great stag king ... or the baby dragon who seems to know nothing it really doesn't matter, for in the end, he does what ever he damn well pleases and backs who he believes will be beneficial to him and if they wish to stop him? well they'll have to kill him. And the truth is he is still fearsome and when war comes he is the lion that makes all others tremble.


An old man and his walking stick, a sight for all to see, the once great warrior who fought a mercenary king now reduced to partially limping before this man his loyal men had left bloodied. His movements staggered as he sat before him smiling as he'd give a curt nod to this ... "guest" of his. The world was changing and things were constantly in motion, unfortunately that meant that everything was so much damn harder to keep up with. What better way to gain knowledge he required than to simply ... take it? And thus here sat the man before him his bannermens leal and able servant who they just, happened to find riding upon this kings road, what an incredibly happy coincidence right? ... but then, when it comes to lord Grandison coincidence is rarely the word used.

"I do apologize, it seems you've come across some harsh luck, ran into bandits upon the road... truly unlucky aren't you lad? It is odd though i never requested your lord reach out to his relations for more men? must be getting forgetful right? Much like your lord seems to forget that ravens can quite easily be shot down ... our old age truly getting to us i suppose."

his words were followed by that brisk and unwavering smile and laugh, the coy relaxed tone completely opposed this situation. Hugh couldn't help but stroke his beard for a moment as he pondered, the unnerved man before him almost in tears as Hugh stare dead into his eyes. Leaning closer Hugh breath in this cold air visible as he lean forward closing the gap between he and this man his walking stick within his hands.

"You may have a choice here today, one that defines everything you are, be it the choice that defines whether you are living or dead? the choice of if you are with or against me? or the choice of quite simply left or right?"

The mans startled gasps and tears were stopped as he heard the last question cocking his head as he went to open his mouth in response. However before the words could come free of his mouth the massive shaft of wood in Hughs hands crush down on the mans left knee a vocal crack ringing out as it broke from this strike. the man before him screaming out as he stood up no longer seemingly encumbered by his age he simply moved as his words rang through the echoing screams.

"Never mind, its much easier if i choose for you. And the left knee seemed to be the much more obvious choice. Do try to calm yourself and know i will be seeing you again very soon my boy. But first .... i think i may have some business in kings landing, after all how often do we gain new kings?"

 direct link • Aug 31 2017, 01:01 pm
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