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 Hot Summer Nights, Oberyn | Second Crone
 direct link • Jun 19 2017, 01:04 pm
The Serpent's Whore
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Ashley • she/her • 54 posts

When had the Dornish heat become so incredibly unbearable?

Ellaria Sand rose from the bed she shared with her lover, having struggled for the past hour to fall back asleep. It was simply too hot. How strange, given that the Dornish sun had never bothered her in the past. A daughter of Hellholt, her skin was the dark brown of the sandy Dornishmen native to the desserts. Heat and sun were not facets of life with which Ellaria was unaccustomed. And yet, even in the darkness of night she seemed unable to escape the sweltering heat.

Padding across their chambers, the bastard woman made for the balcony, hoping that a few moments of the cool night breeze might aid her in getting back to sleep. Fatigue had overtaken her as of late, largely due to her inability to fall asleep in the Dornish heat. However, that made it all the more frustrating that she was unable to sleep. The Dornishwoman was quite certain she had not known such exhaustion since she had been pregnant with Loree - though that realization in and of itself did little to ease whatever stress and anxiety she was feeling, particularly given that her fatigue was not the only thing she felt that was similar to her experiences with pregnancy.

It had now been well over two months since her last moons blood.

At first Ellaria had ignored the absence of her monthly bleeding. She had been irregular in her youth due to poor nutrition, and for the last year that irregularity had returned. Having five or six weeks between her bleedings rather than the usual four was not entirely uncommon for her. But ten? That could no longer be ignored. The timing was horrible, however, particularly given that she did not desire another child. Ellaria loved each of her daughters fiercely. She had spent years praying to be blessed with Obella after the loss she experienced following Elia’s birth. But Loreza was eight now and turning into a young woman before her eyes. She was supposed to be finished having children. Not to mention Oberyn had certainly desired a break from raising newborns. Cersei’s daughter had been born only seven moons ago, and now they had baby Allyria and Enya around as well. A child was the last things she needed.

Inhaling deeply, the Sand leaned against the balcony’s edge, closing her eyes and twirled her long curly locks into a knot she held atop her head so that the breeze might be better enjoyed.
 direct link • Jul 13 2017, 11:41 pm
Prince of Dorne
The Red Viper
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Niki • she/her • 216 posts

It was so hot that he dreamed of the deserts.

A mangalah cuff was outstretched toward a blue sky and the raptor flew from it, catching the sun to cast a shadow along its master's face as she takes flight. There's no clouds to block the ever-imposing sun, and even in his sleep, Oberyn is aware of the sweat at the small of his back and along his hairline. The falcon circles above rolling dunes and from his limited, human vantage, he concluded that he was in the middle of Dorne, far from the comforts of his coastal home - no salty breeze, even briefly, gives respite from the heat pressing the air.

The bird's concentric circles tighten and his vision snaps from the heavens to the dunes, sand swirling around outstretched talons as she targets and captures her prey. He doesn't move to collect it, nor does he whistle for her return; he can't, as his lips are dry and his tongue can't wet them enough to produce any sound.

When he begins to wake, a deep inhale of humid air feels refreshing, even if his pillow is damp and the linens kicked away from his body, along with any clothes he knew he wore when he laid down to rest. A blind hand immediately stretches out to his side, searching for a heat that he doesn't mind against his skin, and when there's no contact, he reaches further as the sleep drains away to be replaced with a sweaty, hot consciousness.

Finally he turns with a grunt to see that Ellaria had abandoned their bed and he hopes she had gone to grab water, and if he's lucky she will have some in her cup when she returns that he can finish, but after waiting a few moments in silence he swings his legs over the edge, toes digging into the soft Myrish carpet before he stumbles toward the corner, hoping for a flask of liquid to sit on the corner table; when he brings it to his lips, he's greeted with the taste of sour red wine and sips enough to wet his lips.

It's his lady's lovely silhouette that he sees on the balcony, the long chiffon curtains waving with the promise of a breeze beneath a Dornish moon. He takes a pause, long enough to appreciate how she wraps her hair up, freeing her neck from the weight of her curls before Oberyn wipes his mouth along the back of his hand and moves to join her.

His feet pad softly against the tile and the coastal breeze graces his naked form, cooling the sweat from his sleep in a way that makes him forget his dusty desert dream just a moment ago. Oberyn approaches her from behind, gliding his hands along her shoulders, trailing to her biceps and is prepared to embrace her until he realizes that her body is radiating a heat beyond what he experienced in his sleep.

Hands pull away and instead of pressing flush against her form as intended, he joins her in leaning against the balcony, elbows pressed against the rail's surface. "My love, has the heat bothered you so that not even the sea breeze can soothe the warmth of your skin?"

There's a soft grogginess in his tone, one he attempts to clear with a small grunt from the back of his throat before continuing. "I dreamed of falconry in the deep sands; my raptor caught her prey, but I couldn't call to her as my throat was parched. The scene reminded me of the time we spent in the dunes years ago, though our mouths weren't dry and instead busy exploring one another's bodies."

Oberyn reaches out toward Ellaria again, brushing his knuckles along the curve of her cheekbone, lips twitching into a small frown when he was, again, met with a heat that seemed to emit from within her body. He licks his lips when he pulls away, tasting the sour wine again on his tongue. The memories of the past have been replaced with concern for the present.

"Ellaria, are you feeling well?"
 direct link • Jan 03 2018, 11:40 pm
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ASHLEY • she/her • 1873 posts

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