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 Connington, Alynne, 20 | Daisy Ridley
 direct link • Aug 08 2017, 11:07 pm
Lady Connington
Sworn to House Baratheon
20 years
Faith • she/her • 11 posts

Death, Drowning

Alynne Connington
sworn to House Baratheon
Griffin's Roost
20 | Betrothed
The Giving Griffin

Raised on the shores of Shipbreaker Bay, Alynne Connington was an enigma from birth. When her mother's labour pains began almost two moons earlier than expected, the maesters warned that it was too early, and the child would likely not survive the night. Seemingly determined to prove them wrong, Alynne arrived during the last gusts of a raging windstorm that had rocked Griffin's Roost for three days and two nights. She was a small babe, and quiet for an infant, but survive she did.

The tiny babe soon grew into an inquisitive child. Her elder brothers Ronnet and Raymund were several years her senior, and though they regarded her tenderly, the boys had little patience for trailing little girls. As a result, Alynne spent much of her childhood flitting between her mother, father and the maester of Griffin's Roost, whom she held in almost hero-like regard.

Alynne hated to be idle, and the maester's knowledge of history, politics and the healing arts were some of the few things available to her with which to occupy her time. She took to the task of her education with admirable dedication, committing the houses of Westeros and their individual histories to memory, as well as anything else the maester saw fit to teach her. Her parents were largely content to allow Alynne her various pursuits. Her mother hailed from the Riverlands, and was a relatively simple woman; she had little interest in politics, but raised her children in the light of the Seven. Mother and daughter were often heard singing hymns and other songs together, Tayla's remarkable voice having been passed on to her only daughter.

Although her father was largely occupied with ruling Griffin's Roost and rearing her elder brothers, Raymund and Ronnet, into proper knights of the Stormlands, Ronald Connington was fiercely proud of his only daughter. If Alynne were a boy, he had once remarked, she would no doubt be destined for a small council seat. Although he was no great commander, Ronald recognized his daughter's sharp intellect, as well as the steel in her spine. Practical above all else, Alynne was quickly growing into a proud and refined young woman, her keen mind aided by an ever observant gaze and a strong work ethic.

Of course, her mind was not the only thing others admired about Alynne. The formerly undergrown babe had blossomed into a fine-boned woman of delicate beauty, and her stormy grey eyes made her otherwise demure appearance striking.

However, the gods never give without taking, as Alynne would soon learn. Her parents had only been at sea a day when the storm came, cutting short their annual tour of the bay and its legion of ships. The sudden winds lashed the prow of their aged vessel without mercy, eventually driving it against one of the hidden rock formations that had earned Shipbreaker Bay it's name, scattering its passengers to the sea.

Her parents' bodies were concealed upon their recovery, but her studies under Maester Halden had taught Alynne what drowned cadavers looked like, and distorted images of her mother and father's waterlogged corposes haunted her thoughts. In her grief, Alynne threw herself into any available duty, desperate for something to fill her mind with distraction.

While her eldest brother Ronnet ascended as Lord of Griffin's Roost, Alynne took over managing the household. When that was not enough, she often visited the nearby town, praying with the smallfolk and lending her healing expertise to any sick or injured persons. She was beloved amongst the townspeople for her efforts, and they soon dubbed her The Giving Griffin. As was expected, she also continued her studies, and could often be found deep in the keep's library, surrounded by tomes.

Things continued this way for some time. Although her grief faded some, Alynne's hands never grew idle. Her brothers, still learning to manage their many responsibilities, and perhaps hesitant to lose another family member, allowed her to remain unclaimed for several years after her flowering, when she could have been betrothed.

However, after the passing of another name day, Lord Ronnet turned his attention to finding a husband for his young sister. There were several offers, but the Connington name was old and prestigious. Although not a particularly wealthy house, the lords of Griffin's Roost could trace their line back to the original Storm Kings, and they could afford to be picky about suitors.

Finally, a match was made. Alynne was betrothed to Lord Alester Rowan, Lord of Goldengrove and Marshall of the Northmarch. The Rowans were a Great House of the Reach, and their marriage would strengthen the bond of alliance between the two kingdoms. By all accounts, Lord Rowan was loyal and respected.

Alynne accepted the news with characteristic practicality. She was glad to have made a more than respectable match, and counted herself lucky to have avoided being sent away at a younger age. She bore no illusions of grand romance; her parents had had a warm and friendly relationships, but their marriage had been nothing to write songs about.

Her only true fear is that her intended would be a cruel man, or, perhaps worse, restrict her from her pursuits of knowledge. Her hope, on the other hand, although she would never dare voice it aloud, is that perhaps she will finally have a chance to see some of the things she had only read about, and maybe even apply her mind to something beyond inventory and stitching.
 direct link • Aug 12 2017, 03:33 pm
28 years
ASHLEY • she/her • 1820 posts


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